Jinfeng Wooden Gate Landing on CCTV CCTV News

Issuing time:2023-03-07 10:33

On March 3, 2019, the brand strategy of Jinfeng wooden door customized home furnishing was upgraded again. At 18:50 that night, Jinfeng wooden door customized home furnishing successfully landed on the CCTV News of a CCTV1 comprehensive channel of CCTV, presenting a brand feast for more than 1.4 billion Chinese audience. At the same time, we will pay attention to the two major national events with you, and wish the conference a complete success.

As the only national television media with the widest coverage, the highest authority and the strongest credibility in China, CCTV has always been the most important voice of public opinion of the Party, the government and the people, and also the most important ideological and cultural position in China, bearing the historical responsibility of revitalizing China and realizing the Chinese dream. This time, Jinfeng Wooden Door successfully passed the CCTV level by level review mechanism and appeared in the CCTV CCTV News session, which not only demonstrated the brand strength of Jinfeng Wooden Door in the field of home building materials, but also fully reflected CCTV's recognition of the brand image and product quality of Jinfeng Wooden Door.

For Jinfeng Wooden Door, which has been committed to "focusing on healthy home" national home environment, accurate placement of CCTV advertisements and brand strategy are not only conducive to improving the market influence of Jinfeng Wooden Door, but also a strategic measure to improve the terminal sales force. For Jinfeng Wooden Gate, 2019 will be the "year of brand upgrading". The company will actively integrate authoritative media resources, constantly strengthen and upgrade brand communication, and establish a better brand image.

This is a leap of growth. This is a chapter of takeoff. The times witness the strength of brands. Jinfeng Wooden Door Custom Home has always adhered to the responsibility of providing a healthy and comfortable home environment for every family, and established a modern enterprise with sustainable and rapid development in the storm of market economy. In the future, Jinfeng Wooden Door will be committed to becoming an industry leader with a new attitude.

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