Jinfeng Custom Home and Pullman Five-star Hotel Create a New Luxury Hotel

Issuing time:2023-03-07 10:30

After evaluating the application effect of Jinfeng brand and products, Pullman Suzhou Zhonghui Hotel finally selected Jinfeng as the customized home furnishing supplier. As an international firstclass brand, Pullman also has the practice of localization after entering the Chinese market, and cooperates with domestic excellent brands. As a worldfamous fivestar hotel, Pullman has always selected the best brand and quality supplier, and at the same time chooses high-end and natural brands.

Jinfeng has been committed to creating highend home life, and is the industry's leading customized home brand. Pullman is a highend hotel brand under Accor, and strives to provide allround excellent services for highend business travelers. In 2019, the two sides will work together to build a new luxury home hotel.

Jinfeng's products have always been favored by consumers. Many consumers are loyal fans of Jinfeng, and several houses in the family are all made of Jinfeng's products. Jinfeng seems to have been synonymous with a good home life. This year, Jinfeng once again joined hands with the hotel to participate in the Pullman Hotel project and inject warm home color into the hotel.

The traditional hotel housing decoration is always very standard and standard. Although it is very neat and dignified, it is slightly dull. Jinfeng integrates the most popular elements of minimalism and light luxury, breaks the dull room style, creates high-end quality and creates a comfortable and warm home. Unique design shows the taste of life.

Jinfeng customized home furnishings restore the world's rare wood texture with the ultimate technology, and provide highend and environmentfriendly home products for customers who pursue highquality life. Jinfeng customized home furnishings have been widely used in highend fivestar hotel projects in the world, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, and Buckingham.

In the future, Jinfeng will always promote the development of highend hotel design and related industries, and provide more highquality and valuable home products for highend hotel projects around the world. I believe that the highend service of Pullman and Jinfeng's professional quality of quality home life will definitely give you a new experience.

Jinfeng custom home, give you a five-star home!

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