Yuexing Home Operation Center and its delegation visited Jinfeng Custom Home

Issuing time:2023-03-07 08:40

On June 6, Zhou Ting, director of the operation center of Yuexing Home Group, and his party visited Jiangsu Jinfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Yan Youfeng, the marketing director of the company, together with the leaders of the marketing department and the marketing department, warmly welcomed the arrival of the leader of Yuexing Home Appliance, and led the leader of Yuexing Home Appliance to go deep into the workshop to understand the production process, technology and quality of our company's products in detail.

The leader of Yuexing visited the trial fitting area of Jinfeng customized home furnishing, and experienced the modern luxury series of home furnishing mainly promoted by the company at present. Director Zhou Ting and other leaders have expressed their recognition of the product design style, and also put forward valuable opinions, and discussed and exchanged with the company leaders on the current market trend and product style.

Then, the workshop was inspected. From the selection of materials to the manufacturing process to the final packaging of finished products, the leaders of Yuexing have a deep understanding of the entire production line and product quality of Jinfeng. During the process, the leaders of Yuexing have given great praise and affirmation to Jinfeng.

After a thorough understanding of the company's various conditions, Yuexing Home Operation Center and its delegation recognized the company's production environment, process flow and advanced equipment, and also affirmed and reassured the company's products.

In the future, Jinfeng will strengthen cooperation with Yuexing Home Appliances to achieve joint development. This cooperation and exchange achieved a complete success, and take a group photo!

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