Jinfeng wooden door has passed the CE certification and obtained the EU market pass

Issuing time:2023-03-07 12:27

International Wooden Gate News: The reporter learned from Jinfeng Wooden Gate that the "Jinfeng" wooden door has been tested by the European Union CE certification agency, passed the measurement of various indicators such as safety, environmental protection and health, and obtained the CE certification issued by the European Union certification agency, and obtained the sales pass to enter the European Union market. This marks that Jinfeng wooden door products have met the directive requirements of the European Union, achieved the comprehensive integration with European and international standards, and made the product technical quality level rise to a new level.

Established in 1993, Jinfeng Wooden Door is the only "White House Original Wooden Door Manufacturer" in China. As early as 2001, Jinfeng Wooden Door has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental system certification. Therefore, Jinfeng Wooden Door products are exported to all parts of the world, making Jinfengpin brand have a high popularity and reputation in the international market. In order to better connect with the European market, the senior management of the board of directors of Jinfeng Wooden Doors has continuously increased the funds for product research and development and carried out all-round cooperation with domestic colleges and universities, so that each set of wooden doors produced by Jinfeng Wooden Doors Company is higher than the national industry standards. Such achievements cannot be separated from their own efforts and perseverance. It is precisely because of the strictness and standardization of the Jinfeng standards, it has been unanimously praised by the EU CE certification authority.

According to relevant personnel of Jinfeng Wooden Door, as the leader of high-end wooden doors in China, Jinfeng Wooden Door has integrated its own innovative marketing and service concepts, international brand operation and other concepts into the domestic wooden door market to accelerate the rapid and effective development of the wooden door industry. As the only enterprise in Jiangsu Province with the qualification of "foreign aid material supplier of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China", Jinfeng Wooden Gate will further develop and expand in the overseas market, thus making the overseas market sales system of Jinfeng more mature. Obtaining the EU CE certification will become a powerful weapon for Jinfeng Wooden Gate to stabilize the domestic market, expand the European and even global markets, and will also become the prelude for Jinfeng Wooden Gate to attack the European market and even the global market.

Zhang Guolin, president of the China Wooden Doors Association, commented that as a leading enterprise in the domestic wooden door industry, Jinfeng Wooden Doors deserved to pass the EU CE certification this time. The passing of the EU CE certification of Jinfeng Wooden Doors marks that the quality of Jinfeng Wooden Doors has been recognized by the international market, especially the European market. The rise of Jinfeng wooden door on the international stage shows that the "connection" between domestic wooden door industry and the international market is no longer far away.

Professionals pointed out that the "CE certification" mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. All products with the "CE certification" mark can be sold in the EU member countries without meeting the requirements of each member country, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU member countries.

In the EU market, the "CE certification" mark is a compulsory certification mark. No matter the products produced by enterprises within the EU or those produced by other countries, if they want to circulate freely in the EU market, they must be affixed with the "CE" mark to show that the products meet the basic requirements of the EU Directive on the New Method of Technical Coordination and Standardization. This is a mandatory requirement of EU laws for products.

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