Jinfeng Wooden Door has entered into the genuine home furnishing inquiry platform in China

Issuing time:2023-03-07 12:25

As the leader of highend wooden doors in China, Jinfeng Wooden Doors, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and brand image, in 2017, Jinfeng Wooden Doors officially entered the China Home Authentic Search Platform (Authentic Search) built by Red Star Macalline and China Quality Certification Center, and officially launched its operation in the near future. This measure will strongly protect the vital interests of consumers, and it will be a severe blow to the bad businesses that produce and sell fake goods.

At present, the Genuine Search network platform integrates NFC and QR code recognition technology, and generates an independent number for each household product added to the platform. The platform records the product production, quality inspection and product details through the factory source code, so as to achieve one code for one product and anticounterfeiting at the source. After purchasing products, consumers can scan the QR code to verify the authenticity, completely eliminate the hidden dangers of buying fake and inferior products, protect consumers' rights and interests, and maintain brand interests.

Jinfeng Wooden Door is a brand business dedicated to the independent research and development, production and sales of wooden doors and whole wooden household products. It has always taken improving the quality of consumers' home life as its own responsibility. This time, Jinfeng Wooden Door has settled in the genuine household products inquiry platform in China, and built a complete quality management system from the factory to consumers. Green environmental protection leads the way to ensure product quality from the factory source, and the genuine products search and control channels to ensure that consumers can buy at ease Healthy household products.

It is understood that the genuine home furnishing inquiry platform, called Genuine Search for short, is a thirdparty anticounterfeit verification platform initiated by the China Quality Certification Center, developed by the China Institute of Standardization and implemented by Red Star Macalline. This year, Red Star Macalline Shanghai regional authentic support plan will invest a lot of resources to lead at least 200 authentic brands into 200 core communities. Every year in the future, Red Star Macalline will hold a "Star Quality" green health run activity, inviting all authentic brands to participate, and let more consumers know about authentic brands and the "China Home Authentic Query Platform" through public health run, green environmental protection display, environmental protection game interaction and other forms.

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