Jinfeng overall customized home marketing sharing meeting

Issuing time:2023-03-07 10:36

On October 15, Jinfeng Wooden Gate, the leader of the whole wood customization, organized a regional observation and exchange meeting. The event was held in Tongxiang City, the hinterland of the Hangjiahu Plain. More than 40 Jinfeng families came from all over the country to participate in the exchange meeting.

Through this exchange meeting, Jinfeng's family members can learn from each other, and the new and old people can further understand Jinfeng's business philosophy and culture, change and progress.

Early in the morning, the family first visited the store in Tongxiang, Jinfeng, and discussed a series of issues such as how to arrange the store, how to develop customers, and how to negotiate orders. They summarized their experience and found their weaknesses and shortcomings.

In the subsequent meeting, Jinfeng summarized the previous 11 activities and commended the sales staff who performed well in the activities. And then, in the form of 3DVR, the exhibition hall of Jinfeng brand image designed by incorporating new design concepts into fashion elements was displayed, which was unanimously praised by the family.

Jinfeng is constantly changing and improving itself. We interpret the brand charm with quality service, understand modern home with style design, and provide you with trustworthy whole wood home decoration.

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