Wu Jiang Customs Commissioner Ma Honglan and his delegation visited Jinfeng for investigation

Issuing time:2023-03-07 09:43

On April 22, Ma Honglan, the director of Wujiang Customs, and his delegation came to our company for a visit and investigation, to have an indepth understanding of the development of our foreign trade and the progress of our foreign aid projects. Mr. Lu Jianming, the chairman of the company, and Mr. Sun, the manager of the International Trade Department received warmly.

Chairman Lu Jianming extended a warm welcome to the arrival of General Ma Honglan and his delegation, and expressed deep gratitude for the care and support of Wujiang Customs.

The delegation led by General Ma Honglan first visited the exhibition hall of the company and learned about the development and achievements of Jinfeng as a foreign aid supplier since its establishment, as well as the current mainstream products and development prospects of Jinfeng.

Later, the delegation led by General Ma Honglan visited the production process of Jinfeng Factory and learned more about modern household production technology. During the visit, Ma Honglan, the customs chief, was very impressed with the quality of Jinfeng modern household production technology.

With excellent product quality and perfect service system, Jinfeng has repeatedly participated in many large foreign aid projects. He has participated in foreign aid projects such as the Confucius Institute Project of the National University of Laos, the Vanuatu International Conference Center Project, the Office Building Maintenance Project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of C ô te d'Ivoire, the GuineaBissau Justice Building Project, the Congo (Brazzaville) New Conference Building Project and so on, and contributed to the national foreign aid cause.

Foreign aid is an integral part of the country's foreign affairs activities. China's free assistance to other countries is an activity. The success of the implementation of foreign aid projects is directly related to the country's image and reputation.

After this investigation, customs chief Ma Honglan put forward higher requirements for the quality of Jinfeng, and gave valuable opinions and suggestions on the production related work of Jinfeng.

General Ma Honglan expressed his praise for the company and encouraged Jinfeng to adhere to the consistent belief and forge ahead to achieve better development! Wujiang Customs will also vigorously support enterprises and provide better and better products for foreign aid.

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