Purple Apple went into Jinfeng customized home to create a strong alliance of brand enterprises

Issuing time:2023-03-07 08:44

On July 30, 2019, the general manager of Purple Apple, a well-known enterprise in the home decoration industry in Shanghai, together with all designers of Design Department I, Design Department II and Chief Designer of Design Department III, went to the Jinfeng Wooden Door Customized Home Production Base in Suzhou and conducted a field survey. As the upstream and downstream dialogue between the decoration industry and the wooden door customized home industry chain, it created the trend of strong upstream and downstream alliance of brand enterprises, It will certainly play a new role in promoting the development of the home decoration industry in the future.


In the afternoon, Mr. Zhao, the key account manager of Jinfeng Custom Home, presided over the exchange and dialogue meeting, and introduced the enterprise profile and production quality assurance system of Jinfeng Custom Home to the leaders and friends who visited. The two sides had an interactive exchange. After the exchange, accompanied by the staff of Jinfeng, visited the German Haomai automated production line and production posts introduced by Jinfeng, During the period, the leader of Purple Apple carefully inquired about the production progress of the order, learned about the quality inspection and quality assurance system of Jinfeng customized home, and highly valued and recognized the traceability management system adopted by Jinfeng.


Purple Apple fully affirmed the professionalism and specification of Jinfeng customized home, and hoped that both sides would further strengthen extensive and in-depth cooperation and exchange.


Finally, the exchange ended in the group photo of designers of Purple Apple and staff of Jinfeng.

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