Wu Chenjun, two young artists from the China Academy of Fine Arts, and Dongbai rushed to the Jinfeng

Issuing time:2023-03-07 08:33

Yesterday afternoon, the sun was burning. Wu Chenjun, two young artists from the China Academy of Fine Arts, and Dong Bai arrived at the Jinfeng customized all-house happy house at the 6th Space Building Materials Museum in Hangzhou, where a group of small migratory birds from Henan, Sichuan, Fujian and other places gathered. They flew to their parents who worked in Hangzhou during the summer vacation. Li Hongmei's boss thanked two young artists who were enthusiastic about public welfare for coming to help them learn painting.

Two drawing boards were set up at the painting teaching site to let each small migratory bird come up to try his hand. A child less than 3 years old, Wu Chenjun gently held his little hand and slowly drew several beautiful flowers. The scene was moving, and there was a warm applause at the scene.

He also instructed the children to draw pictures on the fans and paint them with elegant colors. He said that the weather was hot, so the little migratory birds would go back to take them to their grandparents and send them a cool and filial piety. Mr. Wu Chenjun is an artist of Chinese painting in the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. His paintings of "Ten Miles of Heaven and Earth" were exhibited on a global tour in the 3D online VR exhibition hall of Jier Art Jierart.com in July 2021. He mainly selected his classic works such as eagle, crane, lotus, tiger, rooster, landscape and so on. The painting circle commented that his style of painting is elegant in color and exquisite in brushwork, and the structure has reached a Zen state of dynamic and static integration.

Dong Bai is a researcher and young rock color artist of the Institute of Rock Color Painting of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts; His rock color paintings have been exhibited in Beijing, Hangzhou, Jiangsu and other places for many times. Wang Xiongfei, the pioneer of Chinese rockcolor painting and the director of the rockcolor painting research institute of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, commented that his work has a strong oriental painting and innovative spirit, broke through the original constraint of rockcolor painting on the plane material language, and integrated the unique painting language and material aesthetic feeling of rockcolor painting into the creation, representing the new development direction of rockcolor painting. He brought two classic paintings of his creation to the children, and carefully popularized the knowledge and characteristics of rock color painting to the children; He also brought colorful rockcolored stones, grinded them into paint on the spot, and told the specific creation process, which was warmly welcomed by the children.

Lin Shiqian, a little friend from Baiyi Village, Zhangpu County, Fujian Province, said happily at the scene that this summer vacation was the most meaningful. She not only learned knowledge, but also painted the clear lotus with the fan given by the painter, and went home to give it to her grandmother.

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