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Provide direct and effective strategy and space design solutions according to customer needs Provide high-quality vision system for enterprises in an all-round and systematic way
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Brand support

Provide a complete set of brand marketing support. A trademark with excellent reputation and a brand with continuous appreciation and development, including Jinfeng Wooden Door VI, unified store and brand guarantee.
Systematic brand marketing management mode. The advanced standardized management mode of international chain cooperation provides a series of worry-free guarantees for store management, brand image, product sales, logistics supply and other aspects, which is convenient and convenient.
Management support
Decoration support
Store image design, guidance and planning. Provide a complete set of store image design, advertising design, data design, guide store decoration, and provide store opening celebration planning.
Product Support
R&D innovation to ensure product competitive advantage. The company develops and creates new products every year according to the market and its own brand strategy to ensure the competitive advantage of the products in the market and the maintenance of the corporate brand image.
Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system support. Provide a complete set of sales service system. Provide standards for each link in the sales process.
Service support
Humanized promotional activities, constantly seize market share. Tailored market promotion activities help to increase sales, and some sample discounts are offered to customers from time to time.
Promotion support
System training for storefront terminal personnel. Provide systematic training for store terminals, market sales and store staff to build an elite sales team.
Training support
Perfect logistics distribution system. Instant processing, rapid market response, time-efficient operation, and strong logistics and distribution system support.
Logistics support
Joining conditions
Cooperation standard requirements
Strong market

People team

Channel resources

Financial strength

Industry experience

management idea

Store manager | household consultant | designer | business manager

Have brand management concept, actively promote and recognize the company's cultural concept;

Understand the local market and the building materials and home furnishing industry, and have a clear idea for the future development, Have deep insight into the industry;

The single store is more than 100 m2, More than 150 ㎡ of the packaged store; More than 240 ㎡ for all kinds of household

Relevant channel resources of building materials and home furnishing industry, decoration industry and real estate engineering industry;

No less than 500000 start-up funds;

Born For The Ultimate Quality

Brand guarantee

Management guarantee
Decoration guarantee
Product guarantee
Service guarantee

Service guarantee

Promotion guarantee
Logistics guarantee
Training guarantee
Network coverage
The outlets cover all major provinces and cities in the country. These outlets are not only the image representatives of Jinfeng, but also the information windows of Jinfeng. Through them, the headquarters can grasp the pulse of the market and the fleeting business opportunities, and can also provide customers with timely and perfect services. With outstanding quality performance and brand connotation, Jinfeng has achieved strategic market layout in both domestic and overseas markets. The products are exported to the United States, Canada, Italy, Poland, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Cooperation consultation
Cooperation consultation
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