In 2010, in China, the world.
The Shanghai World Expo has made China the focus of global attention.
Aesthetics is in practice and quality is in heart. With high-quality quality backing, Jinfeng wooden doors were selected as "suppliers of wooden doors for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo"
It has supplied 3800 sets of wooden doors, becoming the first enterprise in the industry to win this honor.
At the main gate of the Shanghai Pavilion, the Shanghai Case Museum, the China Pavilion, the Coca-Cola Pavilion and other popular exhibition halls, the Jinfeng Wooden Gate has devoted itself to the construction of the World Expo with exquisite skills to meet the appreciation eyes from all over the world.
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Buckingham Grand Hotel
Luoyang Daily
Yueda Group
Nanjing University
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China CCTV China Life Headquarters Beijing Armed Police Headquarters Shanghai World Expo Project (Luban Award) Maanshan Power Supply Building Lianyungang Waterway Lianyungang Land and Resources Bureau Lianyungang PICC Tower Lianyungang Local Taxation Bureau Shandong Zibo Telecom Bureau Shanghai Qingpu Customs Shanghai Tobacco Bureau Command of the Nanjing Military Region Shanghai Qingpu Administrative Bureau Nanjing Intermediate People's Court
Jiangsu Qidong Power Supply Bureau Jiangsu Provincial Higher People's Court (Luban Prize) Jiangsu Provincial Examination Institute Yangzhou Jiangdu Court Xuzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhejiang Jiashan Land and Resources Bureau Wuxi Jiangyin Administrative Business Center Taizhou Hailing District Court Taizhou Hailing District Public Security Branch Suqian Audit Bureau Jiangsu Wuxi Museum Jiangdu Rural Commercial Bank Kunming Rural Commercial Bank Anhui State Grid
Suqian Civil Air Defense Building Suqian Power Supply Bureau Suqian Public Security Bureau Xi'an Export Processing Zone Service Center Xi'an Intermediate People's Court Xi'an High-speed Railway Station Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Jiangsu Provincial Radio and Television Station (Luban Award) Henan Seismological Bureau Luoyang Daily State Grid Huzhou National Security Bureau Xi'an Coal Research Institute Nanjing Lukou Airport
Jiangsu University (Zhenjiang) Shandong Zibo Municipal Party School Taizhou Jinjiang Primary School Nanjing University of Technology Jiangnan University Suzhou University Beijing New Oriental College of Foreign Languages (Yangzhou) Shanghai Songjiang No. 2 Middle School Jiangsu Suqian University
The 98th Hospital of the People's Liberation Army Suzhou Third People's Hospital Changzhou Wujin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wujiang First People's Hospital Wujiang Second People's Hospital Wujiang Third People's Hospital Nantong Tumor Hospital Nantong First People's Hospital Huaiyin Jinrui Tumor Hospital Huai'an First People's Hospital Changshu First People's Hospital The 101st Hospital of the People's Liberation Army of Wuxi The 301st Hospital of the People's Liberation Army of Beijing Rugao Traditional Chinese Medicine
Beijing Airport Hotel Taizhou Meilihua Hotel Taizhou Jinjiayuan Hotel Huzhou Tianwang Hotel Nanjing Splendid Garden Wuxi Junyue Hotel Jiashan, Zhejiang Province Shaoxing Oriental Venice Hotel Kunshan Lijia Hotel Taizhou Kaitai Hotel Donglai Hotel, Suqian Suqian Chulong Hotel Suqian Fenghua Hotel Zhengzhou Molybdenum Lihao International Hotel Zhengzhou Hongrun Huaxia Hotel
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Jiangsu Hengtong Group Jiangsu Shenghong Group Hong Kong Hanjue Group Jiangsu Yueda Group Anhui Conch Group Shanghai Baosteel Group Suzhou Golden Mantis Co., Ltd

Wuxi Wuxing Community Wuxi Skyscraper 360 Youth Commune in Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou Youngor Future City Shanghai Zhongguan Science and Technology Building Wujiang Apartment
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Jiangsu Jinfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd
No. 2, Qidu Avenue, Qidu Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou
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